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Don’t laugh, there is a ton of great vocabulary in this musical (Mary Poppins produced by Walt Disney , even for my level 9 students. Studying for the IELTS or wanting to improve your English? I have been an English tutor for over three years now and always happy to help new clients.  You too can be come Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Richard (Rick) Duda

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TEFL TESOL lessons using Les Miserable song lyrics to teach English

My student Ken in Shanghai China has been taking online English lessons with me for over a year and a half. He loved learning the lyrics from the song ‘Master of the House’ from Les Miserables; it has very advanced English even for those of us who are native speakers. In addition to learning new phrases, grammar and practicing listening and speaking tasks, my students also get history lessons with each class. Thanks Ken Masters for always being a fun student! Who do you know that wants to improve their level of English fluency?


Rick Duda
TEFL TESOL English Language Tutor


Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ more advanced English than you’d think for TEFL / TESOL

Last week my students and I were surprised at the advanced level of English used in the lyrics in Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ movie. I must admit I’ve heard and seen one of the featured songs ‘Under The Sea’ hundreds of times but was not aware how much vocabulary is going on at such a rapid pace during the song. By slowing down the playback speed using the setting feature in YouTube my students are able to sing or speak along with the lyrics. We also discuss western culture, facial expressions and mannerisms during our lessons. Which song do you think would be the best song for students to improve their English?

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A sure sign of a student’s progress TEFL / TESOL English Lessons

A sure sign of a student’s progress TEFL / TESOL lessons

Rick Duda

It is a sure sign of progress when students (who are learning English as a second language ) can recall typical US American English phrases they have learned and use them to surprise me. Today we were discussing the meaning behind one of the songs in The Little Mermaid and reviewing new vocabulary. Ariel, the main character wants to be able to walk on the land and explore the world above the sea. My students know I have the wanderlust and am fascinated by different cultures, foods, history and architecture. I asked my student in Korea this morning if the little mermaid reminded him of someone and he said “yes, my tutor”. I mentioned I longed for living abroad again and he really zinged me by saying “yes but the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” which is a saying I taught him two weeks ago. And he’s right, I’d still be working hard no matter where I moved. Gotta love it!



How non-English speaking countries stack up

Which fact in this report is the most surprising to you? I checked my records and it seems the average age of my students is 32 and that includes students in China, Russia, Ecuador, Brazil, Korea and Taiwan.

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A more interesting way of learning English?

A more interesting way of learning English? On my drive to Savannah last weekend I wondered if my students would enjoy learning North American English using a different format (using the songs and lyrics from Broadway musicals), boy was I right! I’m using social media as a way to tutor and teach my students using YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. This week we started with a song from Hairspray. My students in China, Russia and Korea LOVED learning about American culture, history, slang, and sayings we use every day. I think they and I have hit the jackpot? What other American musicals would you suggest to use to tutor students in US American style English?