Hello, my name is Richard (Rick Duda) and I am a native English speaker from the United States and a certified TEFL English tutor. As a child I was surrounded by various languages and I’m the grandson of German immigrants so I learned the importance of understanding other languages at an early age. International travel, experiencing different cultures, and meeting interesting people just like you is a passion of mine. Sharing knowledge, learning from each other, and having fun in the process is what excites me about working with you as your tutor.

The ability to speak English proficiently and help you achieve acceptable scores on the IELTS or TOEFL tests is necessary to enter some of the best universities and work abroad; it opens new doors for unlimited personal and business opportunities.
My students include global executives and professionals from Russia, China, Belarus, Taiwan, Korea, Brazil, Ecuador, central and South America. I have a Masters degree in Business Administration and a Bachelors Of Business Administration. Business English students benefit from my professional background in the areas of customer service, sales, project management marketing, business development, real estate, operations, coaching and training. Your goals are very important to me and I appreciate that each student has specific needs. My online teaching methods include a unique curriculum that is flexible for students of all levels. I use e-books, online videos, international news feeds, quizzes and a library of materials built over the years as learning tools. You’ll benefit from learning techniques that exceed traditional teaching methods to develop useful communication skills and vocabulary. In addition to the basics of reading, writing, listening and speaking, we engage in actual useful dialogue and conversations to improve your fluency, speak without an accent, and enunciate words correctly.

When will you join me and begin improving your English? Would you like to start today?